About the Magazine

This is the market leading magazine dedicated to the late model VW buses from the T4 and T5 on. The magazine acknowledges the evolution of the VW bus and spotlights where this symbol of freedom and adventure has now arrived: the T4 and T5 - taking their rightful place in the family of VW models and carrying on the tradition of quality and innovation that is the ever iconic VW Bus.

The ownership and fan base of the T4 and nowadays also the T5 has grown in recent years from a handful of these models turning up and hiding in the day visitors’ car park at the occasional VW show, to now dominating the Show n Shine paddocks throughout the season.

With affordable or good condition vintage VW buses becoming increasingly rare, the late model, front engine variants have stepped up to become the ideal solution that neatly combines the fun of owning an authentic VW bus with the practicalities of a modern vehicle.

These models also make the ideal canvas for all sorts of creative modifications with some owners being happy to clip on a shiny new set of wheel trims whilst others go the full one off custom route – versatility is the theme.

The actual vans aside, the key factor above all is what else a modern VW bus enables the owners to do. For many the bus plays the role of partner to their owners main hobby or pastime – this is where a T4 or T5 really comes into its own. Whether they have carrying mud caked mountain bikes, sand covered surfboards or just a load of camping gear, these vans are at their best when earning their keep.

In short: when it comes to the ultimate modern camper and the most versatile member of the VW Bus family; the T4’s and T5’s win…by a nose! So what's in the mag?

The Buses:

Each issue will run a series of articles representing both models and also show the variation across the range. From untouched original rare models to jaw dropping show vans to creative home builds and one-offs, it’s all here. Several aftermarket conversion companies have also grownup with VW and now specialize only on these late models, other companies have come on board only in recent years and centre exclusively on these. We will take you on a tour of these workshops and see how they all do it and how they compare to the ingenuity of those DIY heroes who have built their own. We showcase custom trends that are appearing on the scene, as well as some more practical modifications. From the low-rider to the up in the air Syncro, from old-skool retro busses to cutting edge new thinking we bring it all to you.

Your Letters and Postcards:

So tell us where you’ve been, what you’ve been up to, your new discovery or just a quick note on your T4 and T5 musings – we like pictures too!

Readers Wagons:

Think your bus is mag worthy or just want to see it in print? Let’s see it then!

News and Products:

So what’s new on the modification market? What is the best drive away awning, where is a good source to get mechanical parts or who is the best company to trust for those essential custom components or just something a bit quirky? This is where we scan the horizon and tell you about all the things your T4 and T5 will love and anything significant or just the weird and wonderful that is happening in the modern bus arena.

Guides and Reports:

Everything from commonly asked questions, ‘how to guides’, do’s and don’ts etc. Want to know what wheel and tire combo is best? What are the options between a high roof or a pop top, the best place to fit vs’ DIY etc?

The Garage:

We answer you queries and questions on all things technical. If you have a poorly bus, from just a small thing niggling you to a major drama, book yourself in to our virtual ‘garage’ and we’ll get our in-house techs on it to prescribe the best advice.

Show Scene:

With every weekend from early spring to late autumn bursting with shows, and new ones appearing all the time, we are your guide through that tangled forest. We show you the massive ones to the little family friendly ones; when, where and what’s on.

Road Trips and Outdoors:

Whether it’s all about the destination, or the journey is the destination; here we retell your travel adventures near and far. From memorable rides on glorious roads and day trips to the nearest seaside, to epic odysseys across continents and up mountains. We look at camping and campsites and show what great discoveries we and our readers have made at home and abroad. We scope out the latest on your hobbies too and find cool stories on what you use your van for: have you been mountaineering in a Multivan, or snowboarding with a Syncro?

Camper Lifestyle and Culture:

So if we like a nice VW camper, what else do we like? We might look at your classic car build; maybe your Nan made you a birthday cake in the shape of a T5? Perhaps your dog can bark the word ‘Caravelle’. Maybe we’ll have a look at what’s in your DVD collection for your drop-down 17” monitor or what CD’s are in your glove box. How do you survive in the wilds when camping? Perhaps you have a secret network of top chippys to rely on or you are a Cob oven guru? We also bring you the other perspective of the ‘Volks-Widows’ (or widowers) – does your partner regularly disappear to the garage or have you been dragged on a so called ‘adventure’ for it become one of those anecdotes you can only look back and laugh about now?...

...Every camper tells a story!