Alan Hayward

Alan has been with us since the beginning. Before taking up his role as assistant editor he was a staff writer, contributing several features and a travel piece to the very first issue, he has been ever present, ever since.

His background is varied, with a successful career in retail and training behind him, a career direction change took him to work in the driver training industry. He has worked from home on a consultancy basis since the birth of his first child, combining course presentation, with writing training programs, books and manuals, alongside raising his now, not quite so young family.

Alan, along with his wife Suzanne and family, have always been enthusiastic campers mainly in Europe. He was converted to VW’s quite by chance. Having always hankered after a campervan, ever since a childhood family holiday in a rented dormobile, he chose an edition of Camper and Commercial (our sister publication) as part of his holiday reading selection. Having read the magazine from cover to cover twice during two weeks away, and after sweating manfully over the packing of a family sized tent in +30 degree heat, he announced (after a shower) that a VW campervan was in the family’s future.

After the air-cooled route had been dismissed for practical reasons, and the new “Brazilian Bay” option had been rejected on similar grounds, research took him to the T4 Forum and that in turn lead him into the VW scene as a whole. A Friesan green T4 was purchased the following spring and he hasn’t looked back. Visiting countless shows, both large and small in the six years since, he’s been making up for lost time.

The bus isn’t just used for shows though, camping trips with family and friends are a regular feature, and for most of the intervening six years it has been on two European trips per year. Ranging through Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Holland, and Spain, it’s also his daily driver.

He’s friendly enough, so if you see him out and about, pop over for a chat!