VW Bus T4 & T5+ Magazine 51

VW Bus T4 & T5+ Magazine 51
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Hello everyone! Hope you lot have been enjoying the sun whilst it was shining!

Did any of you get caught up in the 45mile traffic jam on the M5 on the May bank holiday weekend? We as a family decide to go to Wurzle Dubz held just the other side of Bridgewater to us in Bristol and just over 1 hour away. As it was so close and as we had lots to do over the weekend, we thought we would only go for one night. We decided to leave on the Saturday afternoon hoping to miss the traffic, we went on the A roads to miss the motorways and any possible jams.  Just as we drove out of Bristol we heard a funny noise, I stopped to take a look and as all seemed fine I carried on. Then a warning light came on, it was the low water light, so we stopped again and water was dripping under the van. After a bit more investigation I found out it was the water pump! Luckily on my van it is not connected to the cam-belt etc; so no worries about a jumped toothed on the cam belt, but I had to call the RAC out to get towed home, now normally this shouldn’t take too long but with all the extra traffic it took nearly five hours to get towed to a garage. We really wanted to go to Wurzle Dubz as our friends where there, so we packed the awning and whatever else we could fit into the Golf and went anyway, but we didn’t arrive until gone nine that night. I am glad we went as it’s a great chilled out show and it also gave me another chance to try out the Vango AirAway awning I am reviewing this month. Don’t forget you still have a chance to win one of these awnings in this issue.

Last night I got back from Bristol Volksfest and what a show! The organisers have stepped it up again this year, with loads of things to see and do. The highlight for me was the new outdoor stage area. On the Saturday they had Bad Manners playing, Buster still is as mad as a hatter running and jumping around the stage!

In this issue we have several buses that could be regarded as “Marmite” buses. You’ll either love em or hate em! You may have seen the T4 on the circuit before, named the B4 go to page 56 to find out why. The verdict is out for me, but it is good to see something completely different. On the T5 Marmite front we have a crazily painted, graffiti style, bus. In my mind its cool and I want to see it in the flesh. Our two show reports this month are both Charity events the first is Steve Edwards view on the 5th Dubaid show. The second event is Clubs Unite, which is covered by Simon Cooke, both raised loads of money for various charities. I know how hard it is to organise an event so I put my hands together for the organisers of these events, well done everyone.

This issue is released at Camper Jam so if you are there, have a great time and come over and say hello!

Happy Travelling.