VW Bus T4 & T5+ Magazine 53

VW Bus T4 & T5+ Magazine 53
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Happy holidays everyone, so what have you all been up to? When we flew back in to Bristol at the beginning of the month the temperature  was a nice surprise, I had read in the newspapers whilst I was away that the weather wasn’t very nice, with high winds and low temperatures. But it’s been very nice since we’ve been back. We have used the Cadac in the garden three or four times and had a few garden parties. I am hoping it will last at least until the kids go back to school in September or if not even longer. I was also quite happy returning to Bristol, because the football season kicked off the day after I returned and Ashton Gate, where Bristol City plays, has just been renovated into a state of the art stadium and to top it off we won our first match there.

As this is written Camper Calling is only a week away and what a weekend it should be. I’m lucky enough to have been lent a T6 California to take to Camper Calling. It arrives a couple of days before the event, so I should have just enough time to swap all our belongings over in to the new bus, it also gives the family and I the opportunity to see if we should look at  look at a new bus or not? We have owned our camper for over nine years now and it has been perfect for us, so the California will need to be something very special. VW have leant me the bus so that I can display it in the hall of fame at Ragley Hall along with the other generations of Californias and lots of other award winning buses. Unfortunately I have to give it back on the Tuesday after, it would have been nice to keep it a bit longer. Next on the list is Busfest where we will again be trading this year, we will not however, be in our normal position by the food hall, so make sure you look out for us. We have a bigger stand which will allow us to show case a vehicle or two, in fact our cover bus from this issue will be on display, it’s a beauty. 

This year has gone so quickly its only seems a couple of months ago that Alan was talking about Oktoberfest, one of my favourite and most chilled weekends of the year, I couldn’t make it last year due to a family commitment, but this year it’s on my radar and I am hoping to go. 

Happy Camping.