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Fame At Last

In future, when you’re asked to name some famous Belgians and you’re stuck after Hercule Poirot and Tintin, both of which are fictional by the way, remember the name Pascal Vergucht. For he is the owner of a fabulous 150bhp Westfalia California Generation T4 featured this month and, even though he’s really famous, he found time to share it with us at Busfest last year. Another man almost as famous, but nowhere near as Belgian is Mark Styne who took us under cover to run our eye (and camera lens) over his, oranger than a very orange Orange T5 Kombi; the article is all written without reference to Tango (damn!). Kyle Robinson isn’t famous yet, but I’m pretty sure he will be, once you’ve perused his Rat Matte T4, the interior is something else! Darkside Developments aren’t just famous they’re legendary in the world of diesel tuning; they let us loose on their uber cool hauler, the tweaked T5 they use to lug their racecars to the track. Paul Brookes of Storm Sportshomes shows us round his heavily modified Crafter, neither he nor his new company is famous… yet, but we’re pretty sure they will be soon, if this conversion is anything to go by. The final bus, a T5, is owned by probably the most famous person yet to feature in the magazine, Dennis The Menace. Alright, alright, he doesn’t own it, Mark Elias does, but he makes a large appearance inside.   

And as if that wasn’t enough, we camp in Scotland, visit three very different shows, VW Odyssey, VW Festival and Brighton Breeze and pop into GMG Customs in Calne. Hélène tastes champagne in Austria, Steve’s in the kitchen channeling the cookie monster, Alan’s dreaming of Italy and David has come over all electrical. 

More? Of course there’s more! Exchange £3.95 at a good newsagent for issue 60 of the finest VW Bus magazine known to buskind and you will open up a world of VW wonderfulness, full of famous and soon to be famous people and vans.