VW Bus T4 & T5+ Magazine 61

VW Bus T4 & T5+ Magazine 61
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Simply Sublime

Hi there Transporternauts! 

We have a cracking issue for you this month, jam-packed with T4, 5 & 6 magnificence. The range of vans on offer is from the sublime to the sublime, all killer, no filler, as the yoof used to say. 

Bus one is Darren Heggie’s white T4 woody, it’s oh so retro and early enough to actually be retro. However to regard 1990 as retro makes some of us feel old…. Bus two is Grant Allen’s Help For Heroes themed T5; Grant is an ex-service man giving something back to a charity close to his heart. Bus three is, following on from last month, another Belgian beauty, Toto Van Schepdael shares with us his black T4 Multivan with some subtle touches and it really is a beauty. Bus four, and our cover bus, is from the Uberbus stable. A T6 on air, the colour is difficult to describe, it is a sort of bluey, greeny grey and the wheels are a reddy orange. The bus is as hard as the colour is to describe, another winner from Uberbus. Bus five is a little more out there. A silver Razorback from Cali Campers, not as you might expect some sort of Gorilla, but a T4 pick-up truck designed for a purpose. Bus six is James Thaxter’s black T5 on air, with a tan leather interior to die for. All are cool and all are, well sublime…

Elsewhere inside, we learn how to fit Dynaliner, odd name, great product and visit Bangtidyairbrush, long name, big skills. We attend the Endless Summer show, nothing wrong with the name, nothing wrong with the show, and Berkley Castle, nice castle, nice dubs. Hélène is in Austria, still training hard, Anne is in Birmingham to review a campsite, Steve is in the kitchen being cheesey, David is feeling the cold at Dubfreeze and Alan has a mixture of emotions (poor lamb).

More? Of course there’s more! But as ever, to find out what more there is and to ogle the six sublime buses, you’ll need to wander down to the newsagents and buy one, assuming you don’t subscribe. And on the way to the newsagents you can ask yourself a question – Why don’t I subscribe?