VW Bus T4 & T5+ Magazine 62

VW Bus T4 & T5+ Magazine 62
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It’s June… The sun is up, the sap is rising and love is in the air, it’s time to write odes about June, moon and something that rhymes with spoon. 

This month the six objects of our collective desire comprise three perfectly formed T4s and three lovingly crafted T5s. The first bus nestling in the sumptuous pages is Rich Horton’s vision of juiced T4 loveliness, draped in a seductive VW red hue. Next up is Mark Dean’s deliciously dark T5, as black and as cool as the proverbial limpid pool. Kevin Pugh’s ice white T4 cover bus is long, languid and luscious, truly a transporter worth some love.  The fourth of our sumptuous six is Gordon Scott’s pale yellow T5, no delicate flower this, it oozes power and strength from its air enhanced, supine position on the floor. Bus five is a T4, Jason Beeson’s bus has such a strong hold over him, he’s named and badged it as a T-phwoar! Our final bus in the this month’s pageant of tremendous Transporter beauty is Regy Hopkins’ T5, so beguiling is its colour that no man can truly describe it, some say blue, same say green, some hedge with greeny-blue, others with bluey-green. The sprayer, less romantically describes it as a flip paint…

If your love is unrequited, then console yourself with some of the other items available this month. Simon and Steve are at Dubs At The Mill and Dubfreeze, but which one goes to which show? Emma goes to Applecross and Steve (yes him again) goes to the Cotswolds, before popping in on The Dubfellas. 

Our three columnists are showing their love too, one loves peppers, one loves the Norfolk coast and the other loves lunatics. You’ll have to get the magazine to find out which one is which. 

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