VW Bus T4 & T5+ Magazine 64

VW Bus T4 & T5+ Magazine 64
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It's August, you may be on your holidays, you may even be reading this on a beach right now. If you’re on holiday in the UK and you haven’t taken the magazine with you then all is not lost, you can get yourself to a newsagents pronto. If you’re holidaying abroad and you didn’t take the magazine with you, then read on and find out what you’re missing.

Feature one is two for the price of one, a feature on a pair of T5 off roaders from Pdubz’s John Emberton, also known as the head ‘Ringer’ from Run The Ring. Feature two is Kyle Maddox’s sky blue T4 with a beach bar Tiki theme (now that would have been a good read on a beach holiday…). Feature three is Andrew Luther’s Caravelle T5. It’s also blue but there the similarity ends, it’s a Welsh tour de force, with not a Tiki head in sight. Feature four is Nick Goldson’s burnt orange T4 with a Golf interior (relax, I won’t be hammering in a golf holiday pun here). A real product of the 21st century, Nick learned his conversion skills on the Internet and You Tube. Feature five is the latest demo bus from the Celtic Motorhomes stable, Ed Jukes built this silver T6 for himself and he probably uses it for family holidays…lucky boy. Feature six is Kev ‘Buspoke’ Simpson’s coachbuilt T4. I know he uses this for his holidays, as one of them is even mentioned in the feature! 

As you may currently be lazing by the pool, I’ll keep the rest brief. Steve went to Essex for T.O.M.I.E. then on to Rosewall campsite in Dorset to review it, before heading into the kitchen for a twist. Simon went to Dubs At The Farm, before heading to Van XS for a look round the workshop. We visited Travlin Lite to learn ‘How To’ facelift a T5. Ben found his way back from Norway to North Yorkshire in his T5. Alan tried out a Cadac Carri Chef 2 and went to Camper Jam and David got the valeters in for his T5. Oh and there’s a chance to win over £500 worth of audio enhancements from Kicker and Dynamat.

What of Jimmer I hear you ask?.. he’s on holiday, of course!