VW Bus T4 & T5+ Magazine 67

VW Bus T4 & T5+ Magazine 67
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Now That’s Unusual!

Simon Hancock’s T4 is our first bus, it doesn’t just break the mould for T4 design, it then takes the pieces and stamps all over them before flushing them. Or, to put it another way, it’s different! Next up, Mike Jonah’s silver T6 looks a little more regular, that is until you find a microwave and a two-ring burner built into the boot, that’s unusual. Our third offering is Ian Weston’s Reimo ‘Hawaii’ camper, which doesn’t seem odd in any way, but when you realise it’s best part of twenty-two years old and looks like it left the CMC factory down in Hythe last Tuesday, it really is a rare beast! The T5 belonging to Kieran Morris has taken over from Andy Briggs’ version featured in the previous issue as the “King of the static drop”. But here’s the weird thing, at the end of the feature we find it’s gone the same way as its predecessor, bagged. So another member of static royalty has passed, that really is a weird coincidence! Bus five is a blue T4 now that must be normal surely? Built by Aaron Phillips to tow his beach buggy, known by buggy aficionados as ‘Sidewinder’, it’s as regular as can be. Aaron, however, has a shocking secret; the number of seat changes that this converted Caravelle has been put through is shocking! All this leaves us with our final feature bus. Built by JAS, it’s a black T6 with orange trim, as cool and stylish as you’d expect from the renowned converter. It belongs to the boss, Trudy Weston and the surprising part of this story is, it’s her first bus…

Elsewhere in the issue, Martin and Yolanda Hampshire take their unique off-road T4on an ‘Eire Ride’, Rob Hawkins checks out a truly original conversion from MEV, Steve is making bacon jam, that’s not just odd, it sounds as though it might be against the law of nature, but he assures us it’s delicious and he hasn’t let us down yet. Alan’s gone off-road and fallen in love with a lamp, now that really is odd, and David, went to Brighton for the Breeze, nothing odd there I hear you say, but he took tomatoes and he’s still wearing that peculiar hat!

There is, as always, much more in the magazine this month, but you’ll have to buy one to find out what. Our feature buses may be unusual this month, but don’t let that kid you into thinking anything other than they are the cream of the crop. Each one is tailored to its owner and is as cool as the proverbial polar bear’s backside.